Creative Services

You have a viable product or service you want to get into the market—you need to get noticed. Our capabilities range from designing your basic business card, to designing signage for your storefront, as well as everything in between. In order for your marketing efforts to have a worthwhile return on your investment, it has to be effective, that’s where Enfuse comes in.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of visual communication. It is how you deliver a message to your customer through some sort of organized form and structure. Our graphic designers incorporate photography, illustrations, iconography and branding, but it isn’t limited to these devices.

Graphic design is expressed in numerous forms:

  • Print such as magazines, newspapers and business materials
  • Interactive design such as web sites and flash presentations
  • Promotional materials such as pens, notepad cubes, tshirts
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Products and packaging

Corporate Identity

Integral to your business’ future success is developing a corporate identity. We take your distinct corporate culture and objectives and conceive an image in the form of a logo that appears consistently throughout all products and materials, this develops visual continuity.

Your logo will be a graphic element or symbol which will be set in a specific font or arranged in a particular way. The shapes, colors, fonts and images are usually different from others in a similar market.

What makes a good logo?

  • It is unique, and not subject to confusion with other logos among customers
  • It is functional and can be used in many different contexts while retaining its integrity
    • It should remain effective reproduced small or large
    • It can work in “full-color”, but also in two color presentation (black and white), spot color, or halftone
    • It may be able to maintain its integrity printed on various fabrics or materials (where the shape of the product may distort the logo)
  • It abides by basic design principles of space, color, form, consistency, and clarity
  • It represents the brand/company appropriately

Full Color Printing

Enfuse is an industry leader in premium color printing. Our state-of-the-art machinery and ordering system allows us to efficiently handle any size order.

We have the ability to print full color graphics on a great number of substrates: foam, coroplast, wood, PVC, aluminum, magnetics and vinyl to name a few. No matter what the marketing goal is, we have a solution that will fit your needs and budget.